Book Review: Mr Mercedes

Book Review: Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King


So being a huge Stephen King fan I was a little tentative to read this series as I have heard there is no eerie horror as per Kings usual books. I love the weird and uncanny knack King has for the supernatural phantasmal story telling. Mr.Mercedes is more of a mystery, detective novel which I found positively satisfying. Spoiler alerts ahead

This story follows retired detective Bill Hodges. Bill’s last unsolved case was the ‘Mr. Mercedes killer’ who drove a stolen mercedes car into a crowd of people waiting in line at a job fair. Right off the bat people die a gruesome dead, hello Stephen King!! The ‘killer’ Brady then contacts Bill via letter taunting Bill to kill himself the way the owner of the mercedes did….suicide! Bill then goes on a self fulfilling mission to solve his unsolved mystery and bring the killer to justice all while still being retired.

We identify that Brady is a regular Joe character who lives with his mother and has quite an inappropriate mother-son relationship. From this relationship we see the sick and twisted mind that can kill innocent people using a car as a weapon. As the case unfolds and we see more of Brady’s childhood. I found as the reader I couldn’t completely blame him for being the way he is. His mother replaced her husband with her son in every aspect. She even killed her youngest son with the help of Brady, nauseating much. This brings up the time old question are killers born a killer or made into a killer by their environment, nature vs nurture.

Mr. Mercedes

The fact that Stephen King made the killer just a regular Joe who was also the icecream man is a great move. This made me feel very uneasy about my own neighbourhood. The fact that anyone has the potential to be a killer, even the people we least expect is what hysteria is born from.

There is a recurrent theme throughout this novel of cyberterrorism and cyber crime. I think this topic is completely relatable to the real world where everyone’s information can be found on the internet. We live in a time, like Jerome states to Bill, where personal information security on the internet is more coveted than gold or diamonds. We see how easy it was for Brady to find Olivia’s (owner of stolen mercedes) information and contact her so he can slowly torment her into a swirling madness that only suicide can break. Psychological anguish being one of King’s specialities. We see this translate into a modern day problem with the recent facebook scandal.

MISA Zimbabwe position on the definition of cyber-terrorism

Bill collects 2 ‘partners’ along his investigative journey. The first unlikely partner is his next door neighbour and handyman Jerome. Jerome is still in highschool but Bill finds his knowledge of computers and unwavering loyalty invaluable in bringing in the ‘perk’. Haha couldn’t help it. I really enjoyed the loyalty a teenager feels to his neighbour. The second, and my favorite, partner turns out the be Olivia and Janey (olivia’s sister) niece Holly. She definitely has some psychological issues but after seeing Janey blown up she tries to overcome this to help bring justice for her 2 Aunts. To put the characters into context Janey hired Bill to investigate the mercedes killer because she suspected he pushed her sister Olivia into suicide. They developed a romantic relationship. The day of Olivia’s funeral Brady was going to kill Bill by blowing him up in his car but Janey decided to drive instead and boom she’s dead. Another typical King trademark is that no character is safe, especially the main characters.

One thing I found extremely entertaining and a nice surprise is Kings easter eggs he scatters throughout the book. These eggs are mentions of his own books within this book, brilliant. He mentions the book Christine when he is describing the cops finding the mercedes in an alleyway and parked behind it stating it looked like the car was going to come alive like ‘in the plymouth car book’. Totally Christine reference. Another Easter egg was when he mentioned was the killer wore a clown mask for the killing – definitely an It reference!

One other part of the book that screamed King was a quote near the beginning of the book. It talks about this hole in Iceland that is known for being extremely deep and goes on to say compare some souls as being so deep that you drop a stone and you never hear it splash. Here he is describing the souls of killers but I also think this can be paralleled to some of Stephens King’s books. They are just so unsetting and eerie that their ‘evil’ soul is just as deep and empty as this Iceland hole.

If anyone has read Mr. Mercedes and has any other comments or views I would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment! How did you like this book compare to King’s other books?

Happy Reading!!


Top 5: My Favourite Series

Top 5: My Favourite Series

I have been wanting to write a top 5 fav book series for a long time. I am a huge fan of reading a series. Getting to know the characters so deeply over 3,4,5 books is a thrill! I love investing in the worlds and all the side plots. Now this list is actually way longer than just 5 but these are the top series that have imprinted on my reading soul. If you have any series you have been enchanted by I would love to hear about them and as always grow my every daunting TBR list! So without any further adieu here we go!

  1. Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Yes those books are as worn and used as they appear, hence why there are my #1! These were the very first books I read while transitioning into adult ’reading’. A brief reading history: my grandmother was an avid reader and passed down the reading bug to me. This was the first set of books she ever bought me. I have read this series 3 times in total and a few individual books a couple of times more. Reminiscing I have a hankering to reread this series over the summer…LOL . Very short summary for those who are not familiar with Anne and her shenanigans. This series follows the orphan Anne Shirley who is sent to live with a brother and sister by mistake, they wanted a boy to help around their house in Avonlea. It takes us on adventure after adventure with the spunky Anne to adulthood. I don’t want to give any spoilers but this series is full of hilarity, love and has its own hints of sadness. Avonlea and Anne will always have a special place in my heart. I hope to one day fuel the reading fire in my own children with this series the way my grandmother did for me!

2. The Finoavar Tapestry by Guy Gavriel Kay



This is a new read for me as of 2018 and instantly went straight to the top of list. The author is Canadian, a little bias here and the beginning is actually set in at the University of Toronto. Not for long though as this trilogy quickly sweeps us for the majestic and regal UOT to the fantasy world of Finoavar. This is a high fantasy book for the LOTR lovers, which I also am.(see #3 lol). It follows 5 main characters on their quests throughout this series and with the war against evil. The writing style of Kay is so divine. The inter-connectivity is simply breathtaking and pulls you in. We find near the end of this series how all the side plots are connected with one another and it is done in such a manner that cohesive makes sense. Not everyone can have 50 billion stories all intertwined – embellishment made on the numbers. Kay intertwines Celtic, Welsh, Norse, First Nations, and many other mythologies so it has a something everyone recognizes!

3. The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkein



As per the spoiler above here is another high fantasy series that has made my top list. Really though, who does not like LOTR – if you don’t that completely acceptable I have just met more people who loved it than hate it. The LOTR is a celebrated classic trilogy that has also been made into the classic movies as well – in breathtaking New Zealand. I love the way Tolkien is so descriptive in his storytelling. They way he describes middle earth and the characters makes it easy to feel transported to these places. LOTR is the epic battle of good against evil and someone who you do not think could change the world stands up with so much courage and proves everyone wrong. The one ring to rule them all!!!





4. Millennium Series by Stieg Larsson


So the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo was one of my first larger reads and I was super intimidated by it. While reading I couldn’t help fall in love with Lisbeth Salander. What a punk ass girl who does not take crap from anyone especially when life throws her so many shit balls. This initially drew me in and kept me reading book to book. The back story of how Stieg Larsson died only added to the mystery and pull of the books. He worked in politics and real life journalist.  He did research into the right-wing extremists. Due to the type of research he did he had to keep his address hidden, this is why some say he did not marry Eva. Was his death foul play or just his lifestyle catch up with him?

Millennium Series Complete Collection 1-5 by Steig Larsson and David Lagercrantz

5. Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling —duhh



A top series list wouldn’t be complete without the good old H.P. listed somewhere. I fondly remember reading this series and anticipating when each new book was to be released. This was a turning point for YA and readers everywhere. It made all little kids imagine that an owl would show up to their house and invite them to Hogwarts and unveil that they are really magic! To be able to read this series to my future children who do not know what happens to the kid with the lightning bolt scar is a gift from Rowling.

HP Covers 7

I hope all of you enjoyed my fav series. If you have any top series I have not listed I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to leave comments below.



Happy Reading!!!!


Spring Reads 2019

Top 5: Spring Reading Lists 2019

So spring is finally here, thank god because here in Ontario Canada it was one rough winter.


So to go along with our new, warmer mood I thought I would accompany it with the books I am most looking forward to reading this spring !! There are so many out there so if I have missed one you are looking forward to I am sorry but I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment with your most anticipated spring read !! Expand my TBR !!

1. Black Leopard, Red Wolf by Marlon James

Release date February 5, 2019

So this is the first book in the new Dark Star trilogy written by Marlon James. He is also the author of A Brief History of Seven Killings. After reading multiple synopsis this is a fantasy book seems to be about a hunter who is hired to find a missing child. The setting is an african style mythology. This hunter called Tracker must work with a bunch of unusual characters that seem to have their own, maybe sinister, agenda of finding this kid. Reading the reviews is has been compared to an African Game of Thrones esk type story. I am really fascinated with this story perception and cannot wait to see where this fantasy takes us.



2. The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

Release date February 7, 2019

This is Alex’s debut novel and what a novel to kick off his career. The basis of this book is around Alicia who is a painter. On the outside her and her husband have the perfect life. who shoots her husband 5 times then never talks again. The story follows her to the psychiatric facility. Insert Theo a criminal psychologist who tried to get her to talk. The book has murder, mystery and psychosis! I wanted to read this so I bought it!




3. Gingerbread by Helen Oyeyemi

Release Date March 5, 2019

Gingerbread: A Novel by [Oyeyemi, Helen]


Helen Oyeyemi is also the author of the highly popular Boy, Bird, Snow (2013) and What is not your is not yours (2015). Its is a modern-day twist on Hansel and Gretel. It does not take the real fairytale perception. It is more of a family passing down the recipe for the famous gingerbread with a twisted angle. It is set in Britain and follows a mother Harriet Lee and daughter Perdita Lee duo. On the outside they may appear to be a normal family but there are glimpses of  more oddities than normalities. They live in a weird place and no one seems to know where their hometown is which is where their gingerbread is said to be famous. The story follows Perdita trying to track down her mother’s childhood friend Gretel. I am loving the new takes on fairy tales!!! -Lunar Chronicles are along the same fairytale plot changes,

4. Run Away By Harlan Coben

Release Date March 19, 2019


Harlan Coben is also the author of Tell No One (20001) and Six Years (2013). Run Away appears to be a thriller that follows the viewpoint of a parent. All the synopsis are very vague. The parent finds their troubles drug addicted daughter in Central Park and she runs – hint to the title. The novel follows this parent into a dark underworld which I assume is the drug world. I don’t know why this book catches my attention so much but I am looking forward to finding out what is wrong with the daughter and if she is in this world by her own doing or maybe because of something/someone more sinister.



5. Stepsister by Jinnifer Donnelly

Release Date May 14

Stepsister by [Donnelly, Jennifer]


Jennifer Donnelly is the author of the popular historical fiction novel A Northern Light and the Waterfire Saga. You may tell I am a huge fairytale retelling fan. Is is the untold story of the original Cinderella tale where one of the ugly stepsister Isabelle cuts off her toes to fit into the glass slipper,. PS Loving the cover! Sick and Twisted Lovers unit!! So she Prince finds out the truth that Isabelle is not the girl who lost the slipper, well duh her toes are missing! The tale follows Isabelle as she is banned from the kingdom and she is on a quest for redemption and inner beauty!!!!


If anyone else has a different anticipated read please leave a comment below!!


Happy Reading !!

Review : Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

Review : Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

I picked up this book because a bunch of girls from work had read it and said it was a great read. They compared it to Harry Potter meeting 12 years a slave mixed with the Hate u Gave. Intrigued I picked up the book, read the synopsis and was immediately drawn in. I read this book in less than a few days!!!!

Spoiler Alert rubber stamp Stock Vector - 78174196

First let’s start with the magic system. Can I say wow! I loved it. The way each maji has his/her own clan linked to a god is such a creative idea. Each clan represents some form of earthly aspect like Tiders who control the sea ! The idea the ability to perform magic is a gift from the god started off as privilege but we then see that even the ‘kosadan’ can be given magic making it become more inclusive. I find as the reader the longing to be a part of this magic system it becomes more ‘realistic’ knowing that it not just for the ‘gifted’ few.

The themes of this book are very deep and correlatable to real life issues. The genocide Zelie saw of her maji people is an all too common thread in our history and present day. People being afraid of others who are different and ideas they do not understand is an all too common occurrence. The way Tomi writes giving us glimpses as to why both sides think they have been wrong in this ordeal is brilliant. This gives the reader a chance to form their own opinion as to whose side they believe to right and not just tell the story from a singular point of view which may limit the reader’s journey. It also gives the reader more fluidity as they can change their opinions as the story unfolds and more information is brought into light.

The oppressed rising up and ‘re lighting the magic in their world is a great main focus journey. It is was easy to get behind this as a reader and really root for the main characters and their cause.

I love the mythical animal crossovers to our animal kingdom. Panthenairs and rhimones gives us just enough to imagine the base animal but then throw on things like fangs and horns. I would love to see the re imagining of these animals on the big screen!!!

Cartoon rhino

Tomi is not short on throwing her plot twists into her story. Some of my favourites include Prince Inan has magic just from touching the scroll and then in the end it looks like he betrayed Zelie after we get so invested in their blossoming love affair. Boo by the way What good book wouldn’t throw a little turmoil at the readers though.

The most important message I took away from this book actually has to do this the title. Throughout the book we learn the history of the Sky Mother and Magical origin. Zelie learns that the Sky Mother made humans her children from her blood and bone- we are all equal and the same in the sky mother’s eyes and so we should be in each others. I think that considering the events flooding the news today this is a take away humanity needs right now. I know, very deep right ? Not all my share my interpretation but hey that’s what book reviews are for.

Looking a bit deeper I may even suggest the book shares that everyone is born with a gift and our decisions on how we use this shape ourselves and the world around us. We see this in the way Zelie views magic verses Inan. Zelie sees her gift as something to rejoice and share. Inan fears his magic and pushes it down. Each has been shaped by their past experiences and decisions.

I think it was refreshing to see the relationship between Zelie and Amari go from cool hatred to respect. In the beginning they are not necessarily friends but develop a respect for one another. I enjoyed this verses the straight to BFF path.

So my thoughts leaving this book are A strangely I think with would make a kick ass video game. The player would play Zelie going from checkpoint to checkpoint relating to the book. From Village to kingdom to jungle to the temple. B Of course there has to be a second book it left on a cliffhanger. I cannot wait for the second book to come and see if everyone really had ashe in their blood and what this means for their world. BTW its called Children of Vengeance and Virtue set to be release June 4 2019!!!!!!!


Children of Virtue and Vengeance (Legacy of Orisha Book 2) by [Adeyemi, Tomi]

As always I would love to hear from your views on this book especially because it had some deep seeded themes!! Please leave any comment or thought below!!

Happy Reading!!

Cartoon rhino

Review: Oleah Chronicles : Truth by Michelle Johnson

What would you do if all you knew was a lie to protect you and your sheer existence puts everyone you know in danger?
I was approached by the author Michelle Johnson to do a review for her book Oleah chronicles Truth in return for a free copy of her book. This has not affected my review which is unbiased.
So I went into this book with no expectations and come out really enjoying the story. Michelle sure does have a vivid imagination to think up the premise of the Oleah creatures.

Let me first explain what they are. A Oleah can be described as a creature with a combination of human and lion features.

The top half of their faces resembles that of a lion, the bottom half human, along with a human torso and lion legs from the waist down. An Oleah also has the ability to morph into a lion. Oleahs have extremely heightened senses that are connected with the environment. They are impressive hunters and known throughout the galaxies for their agility, speed and loyalty.They’re amongst the most powerful mystical creatures throughout the galaxies.-from Oleah Chronicle website –

So first off here is the synopsis of the book : Sixteen-year-old Angel Seriki is forced to face overwhelming truths about her so-called ordinary family when she meets Zander Black; a new student to her high school who is smart, charming and devastatingly beautiful. The revelations he uncovers to her about a danger that threatens to resurface from a past she never knew was her own, changes everything. Life as she knows it will never be the same again. In order to keep her family safe she has no choice but to trust Zander, despite his connection to her enemy. He’s the only resource she has if she ever expects to understand the true reality of who and what she is. However, things become complicated when neither can ignore the magnetic energy between them. As their relationship and feelings deepen, so do the risks involved. She must now accept her fate, even if that means giving up everything she knows, including being human.

Now let’s delve into the review.
There are so many positive aspects of this novel. I really like the angle of multiple galaxies and one king and queen to ‘rule them all’, but fairly and lovingly. This one galaxy to rule them all is called Uforika where the King and Queen live with their daughter the princess. Then we learn throughout the novel that is under attack from a sorceress (Sindrell) who is no less than Satan’s sister. We see this Christianity underlying throughout the core of the story which I particularly liked. We hear of angels and cherubs as well. Living in the jungle of Uforika are the Oleah. The King and queen flee Uforika with the Princess – main character Angel- as she is born indestructible and Sindrell cuvette her to make her own powers greater with the end goal of ruling all the galaxies. While hiding on earth they do not have their Oleah powers and look like humans. They raise Angel with no previous knowledge of Uforika and Oleah people.

Enter Zander the dashing ‘highschool’ student. As the story develops we learn that he is Sinderll’s right hand man bent on destroying Angel. As he tries to find her on earth he becomes in a way humanized. I really liked that we got to see him regain his humanity which makes us root for him even more. His back story of how vampires were evolved is refreshing. The spin that he is the result of Adam and Eve’s sins was invigorating to read verses the same old I got bit by another vampire traditional telling.

All in all Angel’s journey of her Oleah’s heritage discovery was a great read and leaving the book on a cliffhanger was a brilliant idea. I’m hooked!!!!!

I do have one thing to say which is negative regarding the introduction. Michelle so vividly described the lush jungle background in Angel’s dreams I wanted that description in the introduction. I feel like it brushed by too fast and I almost lost interest without the detail. I also did not like the portals opening with glitter from Coral’s wing. As the book reads as an older YA I found this fact did not fit in with the rest of the feel of the book. All in all though super great read and I would totally recommend to a fantasy lover!

As always if anyone else has read this and has additional comments or thoughts feel free to add a comment.

Keep a lookout for my post next Monday as I am doing a review of Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

Happy Reading !!!!

Best Places to Read

Hello All

Lets talk about some of our favourite places to read.  Sometimes the choice of our reading location is just as important as the choice of book we make.   The ambiance of our reading environment sets the mood for our entire reading experience.  I find that I read faster and I am able to imagine the world in which I enter while I am reading more vividly if I am in a comfortable place.  The following are just some of my recommendations for reading nooks that I enjoy and find enhance my adventure.

  1. My go-to reading spot is my couch accompanied by a blanket/pillow and my most valuable reading accessory , my cat  !  Who couldn’t snuggle with this little one !


2. Another comfortable spot that a blanket and pillow complement is my bed.  I try and make it a habit to read for at least 30 minutes to a hour before bed.  This cuts down on my screen time and helps me fall asleepbeverage-bible-book-64775

3. One of the best spots to read if you prefer a quite scene that does not have the distracts of home is your local library.  I know the one close to my house has great couches that are super comfy.  Not having the distracts of endless to do list at home makes it a whole lot easier to get into my book.

4.The Bus or local transit may be how you get around in your city.  Depending on the length of your ride this may be the prefect time to delve into your current read.   I find that loosing myself in my book is a great way to make the transit time go by so fast.  However I have been known to miss my stop on occasion 🙂

5.  What would be better than to curl up at the waterfront/ park with a blanket and picnic basket? The answer is probably nothing.  Being out in nature is refreshing and what better way to enjoy it than with a book?

6. The beach is where I spend most of my time on vacation.  I love pulling up a beach chair, umbrella and book while i build ‘sand castles’ with my toes.  Listing to the waves in the background while soaking up the rays has to be one of the most relaxing ways I think I can of to escort my reading mind


7. A coffee shop kills 2 birds with one stone.  You get to enjoy a great cup of java and enjoy a great book!

8. The gym is a great place to listen to a book for those who love audio books.   Popping in my headphones and listening to some Stephen King or Ann Rice is a great way to make your workout fly by!



These are my favourite places to read but I would love to heard from you guys!  What are your favourite places to pull up a book and unwind?

Happy Reading!!!!!

Review: Then she was gone by Lisa Jewell

Hello All



I know it has been a very long time since I posted my last blog.  I am back on tract now and oh what a book to be my first review of 2019.

I read Then she was gone in 2 days.   It was a super fast, easy and page gripping book.   It is not for those who are faint of heart.  It does not have any extremely violent scenes but is more of a sick and twisted psychological thriller.

First off the point that left me the must unsettled was the way in which Ellie died.   After giving birth to Poppy she was just forgotten in the basement to wither and waste away.  For me this would be worse than being murdered.   All those countless hours with no interaction, not knowing what is to come next is psychological torture.   I would rather be shot or stabbed as this would end my suffering faster.  It is heart wrenching to think that not only did Ellie physically suffer what the psychological aspect of being ‘forgotten’ is appalling.

The second aspect that made me a bit sick to my stomach was when Laurel figured out that Ellie was in Noelle’s basement and she walked right past her daughter without knowing she was suffering.  Everyone talks about the link between a mother and a child.  In a lot of novels this link eventually leads the mother to the child and all is well with a happy ending.  This is not real life.  Real life unfortunately is more sinister.  By having Laurel walk past  Ellie Lisa made this book more realistic for the reader.

The way in which Lisa wrote this book made the event of a child being lost/ kidnapped more practical in real life.  The fact that she portrayed Laurel in the beginning as a ‘bitch’  to her family and withdrawn is probably more factual than the whole family coming together.   Everyone deals with loss and stress in different ways.   Not all tragic events bring people together.  The fact that Laurel can’t stand the way her ex husband Paul deals with Ellie’s loss is more practical and relatable.

The one aspect of this book that I could have done without was the character Blue, Laurel’s son’s girlfriend.   I found that as the reader my suspicion of Floyd was growing enough without the use of psych and aura seeing.   I found that her ‘warning’ Floyd was hiding something was tacky and not needed – my opinion only.   Lisa could have had Laurel increase her suspicion another way.

As characters go I really liked Poppy.   She started off as an annoying single child syndrome character, whom I did not like in the beginning.   As the story progressed her character grew and she went from being a daddy’s needy girl to a girl who wanted larger family interaction.   She was a nice relief from the other intense characters of Laurel and Floyd.   I also liked Noelle was the ‘villain’.   She was someone you loved to hate.   I went from loathing her selfish craziness to feeling sorry for her when we learned of Floyd playing her for his sexual satisfaction.   As for Floyd I have mixed feeling about him.  My views change depending on who is narrating.   In the end though I did feel sorry for him and almost didn’t want him to blow his brains out.

All in all what a slimy sick thriller that kept me glued to the pages.   I will definitely be reading more from Lisa Jewell as I feel we all need to experience the uneasiness that Then she was gone dishes out!! As always feel free to leave any comments and/ or Lisa Jewell recommendations below.


Happy Reading!!!

Book Review: The Vanishing Act by Jodi Picoult

Hello All

I am here today after reading the Vanishing Act by Jodi Picoult.  It took me a while to get through this book as  I had an exam to study for by finished it today!   This is the first Jodi Picoult book that I have read.  I know right,  she is a super famous and acclaimed author.  I am really trying to branch out of my horror suspense reading  genres.  I actually found this book as a pretty entertaining read with some interesting themes throughout.

It start off with the main character Delia and her hound dog Greta as a search and rescue team.   We read on the find out more about her life with her daughter Sophie and soon to be husband Eric.   Eric, herself and their friend Fitz have known each other since they were little kids.   You immediately see a deep connection between them and a love triangle transpires.  We meet Andrew, Delia’s father whom all the characters love and admire.

Things start to get interesting when Andrew is arrested for the charges of kidnapping.  It turns out that he took Delia, actually Bethany Mathews, when she was only 4 from her mother.   All the characters then fly to Arizona where Andrew will stand trial for the charge.  To make things more interesting Delia asks Eric to represent Andrew as his attorney, oh the tangle webs we read 😉

The story goes on from there and delves into the reasons why Andrew would kidnap his daughter from a mother she thought was dead.  Delia is having a hard time figuring out who she is now that this new information has come forth. She struggles with still having loving feelings towards her father but also angry at the lies.   The inner turmoil continues as she start having flash back memories of her old life.  The lines of her old life and new life become blurred to her. Delia is also nervous about meeting her mother.  We have all put people we are searching for up on this pedestal like dreaming of the man/woman we will marry.   This comes with the fear of what happens when we meet this person and they are not who we envisioned.   We fear the disappointment and rejection.


As Jodi start to write about the trial and Andrew’s experiences in jail it starts to feel like a John Grisham book.   It really enjoyed this take on the events as it did not feel like the book was so taken over by emotions.  It gives us a little break from all the feelings we are experiencing while reading about all that has happened to Delia.  We find out that her mother was an alcoholic.  Andrew did not want Delia having to take care of her drunken mother and start resenting her so her took her away to give her the life he thought she deserved.   Near the end of the book child sexual abuse also comes out.  This theme always makes people uncomfortable but I feel that it is handled well.  Alcoholism seems to be a recurrent theme as Eric’s mother was an alcoholic and Eric himself becomes one.  I feel this helps Eric become more involved in Andrew’s defense as he uses his own experiences to help Andrew with his trial.  The feelings of not being taken care of by his mom helps him with some of his arguments in Andrew’s behalf of taking Delia from Elsie (Delia’s mother).

One theme I thought was very interesting is how she kind of put the reader in the mind set as to what we would do if we were in Andrew’s situation.  Do we break the law to save our loved one or do we hope that the person will straighten themselves out for their daughter/son sake.   Do we then tell them when they are old enough about what happened or is it safer for them not to know the truth in order to save them from certain disappointments.

If you guys have any comments on this theme or about the book in general please feel free to leave a comment.   Or if you have a book suggestion from Jodi Picoult I would love to hear it!    Happy Reading!!!!

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Review Scarlet by Marrisa Meyer

Hello all  th0BLVX4WL

I come to you today with a book review of Scarlet by Marissa Meyer.  May I start by saying I am totally on the fairy tale retelling band wagon.   I love the fresh take on old stories.

This is the second book in the Lunar Chronicles series.   It starts off with the story of Scarlet, a take on the little red riding hood tale.  Her and her grandmere are local farmers.  In the first chapter we find out that her grandmere is missing.  Scarlet goes to a local pub for a produce delivery and there she meets the ominous ‘wolf’.  She discovers that Wolf suspiciously has some information regarding the where abouts of her grandmother. They team up and go to paris where his ‘wolf pack’ is holding her gandmere captive as they believe she has information on Princess Selene’s identify and location.

At this point I became very interested in the story.  I loved how Marissa intertwined the Cinder story to the Scarlet story.  Having Scarlet’s grandmother be the character that harboured the young and dying princess was brilliant in my books.   I really did not overly enjoy the relationship blossoming between Scarlet and wolf.  I found this very predictable but it still held its entertainment value as she has to ‘tame the inner beast in Wolf’.

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The inner beast genetically placed in members of the wolf pack by no less than the Lunar Queen herself.  The foreshadowing of a genetically modified army in the first book was elaborated on in Scarlet.  The blood shedding chaos at the end of the book that inevitable lead to the acceptance of the marriage proposal by Kai to the Queen was a great plot development.   The attack on the Earthen people created the momentum we needed to see in Cinder to accept her royal lineage.  Near the end of the book after the announcement of the proposal Cinder vows to take hold of her lunar abilities and fate so she may fight against the evil Queen.

I would have also like to read more about the Queen as also near the end of the book we may have a flash that she possess some human traits.  As she is watching her genetically modified army in training she becomes anxious as she  may not be able to control them with her powers.   It also hints that she craves the need to be loved by her followers more than craving power itself.  It will be interesting to see this theory develop, if I am right, and be a glimpse as to why she needs to feel loved by everyone.  What horror has happened to her in her past to make her the evil vindictive queen she is today.

I enjoyed the story overlay of Cinder in some chapters and Scarlet/Wolf in others.  I would have loved to learn more about Scarlet and her grandmother but I also understand that this would have made the story sluggish and lagging.   I look forward to see where Marissa leads the story in Cress which I believe is a play on Rapunzel.   As always feel free to leave any comments or thought that you had of this book!  Happy reading !!





Review : Sleep by Nino Ricci

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I come today with a review of Sleep by Nino Ricci (spoilers alert).  This is not a book I would have pick up while perusing the bookstore.  It was suggested to me by and friend and since one of my goals this year was to read different genres I took it home.   I was surprised that I enjoyed reading this book, not a mind blowing revelation type of book but entertaining and a bit thought provoking.

So the premise of Sleep is it follows the main character David throughout the downfall of his life. David is a professor in a university and also has written a few successful novels.  In the beginning it is presented to the reader that he has some sort of sleep disorder.  The disorder is never officially named but David falls asleep at inopportune moments and has black outs at time.  The beginning few pages he actually falls asleep while driving his car with his kid Marcus in the back.  Right off the bat we learn to dislike David as he actually gets a thrill from almost killing him and his child.

The disorder in the beginning is blamed for the breakup of his marriage to Julia and the dead beat father vibe.  Throughout the story though we learn that David has a self destructive nature about himself even before he married Julia.  We find out that he sleeps with students before and while he was married to Julia.  He also sleeps with a possible new employee and royally screws up his and her jobs.  After he is ‘let go’ from his job and he is divorced from Julia he goes to work for his old friend Greg and sleeps with his wife Sophie.  We really wanted to root for him as he seemed like he was getting his life together.  However his old tendencies came out and continues to self-sabotage the new good things in his life.

It seems like he is chasing the high and addiction of having something he cannot have and the fear of getting caught, which is just as addictive as well.  He also finds the ‘high’ in the life-threatening situations he puts himself in.  First off there was the car incident in the beginning of the book.  Another episode, actually multiple, is when he finds is father’s old gun.  This spirals into ongoing thrill issues with carrying a loaded gun and going to firing ranges.  Not to rebellious right.  He then goes to an old construction site and shots the glass out of a bulldozer.   This brings of the theme of how guns and life-threatening highs that people seek try and fulfill  the need to feel ‘alive’ again.  This books covers the mundane activities of life and how it is easy to loose the sense of oneself quite quickly.


A second theme is this book is David’s need to feel in or out of control.  The constant thrill seeking highs that David search for brings into question the sense of control.   Is David every really in control or are all of us for that matter.  The illusion of control vs the reality of control is a interesting theme to portray in a sleep disorder book.   We all perceive that we have control of our sleep.  We can control when and where we got to bed.  We can control our before bed rituals but we cannot control the pathophysiology of sleep and what happens when this becomes compromised.

All of these components made for a intellectually stimulating read even if the pace of the book was lagging.  I am pleased with my new genre read and will be looking forward to branching out of my typical reading genres more often.   As always feel free to leave comments if you have any questions or thoughts at all.   If anyone is wondering I gave this book a 3.5/5 star on goodreads.   Happy Reading !!!